10 Important Truths About Being An Entrepreneur


Here Are Some Other Interesting Facts About An Entrepreneur:

  • Successful businesses are managed by middle-aged men and women who have experience and want to apply it in their field.
  • 62% of US billionaires are self-made. Only 20% achieved this status through inheritance.
  • In 2016, there were 25 million Americans who started their own business.
  • There are 582 million entrepreneurs in the world.
  • Only 9% of entrepreneurs have a Bachelor’s Degree in business.
  • Data from 2017 shows there are an estimated 11.9 million small businesses in the US owned by women.
  • 69% of American entrepreneurs start their business at home.

Here’s Why I Love Being An Entrepreneur So Much!

  1. Work Your Schedule
  1. I Am In Complete Control Of My Calendar
  1. Solve Problems and Make a Difference in the Process
  1. Stand Up for What You Believe In
  1. Create Your Opportunities & Destiny
  1. Develop and Sell Products & Services You Love
  1. Develop Long-Term Relationships With Clients And People of Similar Interests
  1. Seek to Add Value
  1. It Simplifies the Decision-Making Process
  1. I Have Job Security



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