10 Important Truths About Being An Entrepreneur

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Gosh, when I stopped to think about why I chose to be an entrepreneur, I discovered it must be in my genes. My grandparents owned a flower and gift shop, and at one point in my life, both my dad and mother worked in the business. I can remember being about five years old and spending time in the shop with them. They taught me to make bows, love beautiful flowers, serve the customer, and numerous other aspects of business ownership.

Later in my teens, my mom and dad opened a restaurant in a small Kansas town. I can remember helping out there too. During summers, I worked there as a waitress. But that business is about long hours and hard work. Here I learned about building relationships with employees and customers. I also learned that I knew the food industry was not a fit for me.

Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t start in the business world as an entrepreneur. I have experienced clocking into a few jobs and dealing with management, co-workers, and conditions beyond my control. So I did learn early on that I don’t do well in a confined environment. I need the freedom and use my brain to solve problems and make a difference in people’s lives.

Believe it or not, I like the responsibility of owning a business, and I have been an entrepreneur for over 25 years.

Here Are Some Other Interesting Facts About An Entrepreneur:

An entrepreneur contributes to the overall revenue of the country, but they also have a beneficial effect on local economies. Here are some interesting facts.

  • Successful businesses are managed by middle-aged men and women who have experience and want to apply it in their field.
  • 62% of US billionaires are self-made. Only 20% achieved this status through inheritance.
  • In 2016, there were 25 million Americans who started their own business.
  • There are 582 million entrepreneurs in the world.
  • Only 9% of entrepreneurs have a Bachelor’s Degree in business.
  • Data from 2017 shows there are an estimated 11.9 million small businesses in the US owned by women.
  • 69% of American entrepreneurs start their business at home.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone, but if you want to experience freedom and still generate income, it can lead to an amazing life. You get to set your schedule, provide something to help humanity, and make as much money as you desire.

Here’s Why I Love Being An Entrepreneur So Much!

  1. Work Your Schedule

Even though you are a business owner, it doesn’t mean that you get to play all day. If you are not producing a service or product, the checks don’t come in, and the bills won’t get paid. Although if something personal does come up, you have the flexibility to work around it. I love having the ability to block off time and do something fun or non-business-related periodically or having a long lunch with an associate or customer without feeling guilty.

Most days, I will have plenty on my schedule, but having the ability to dictate when I work and when I’ll be ‘in the office,’ available for meetings, etc., is the freedom that I never want to give up. If you’re going to take the afternoon off to do something for your family, you can. You can’t do that working for someone else.

  1. I Am In Complete Control Of My Calendar

Appointments, creating, marketing, networking, bookkeeping, it’s all up to you. But again, if you don’t do the work, the business doesn’t happen. You still need to be structured in your day and wear all the “hats.” If you have employees or support staff, you can still delegate or outsource the things you aren’t good at or prefer not to do.

  1. Solve Problems and Make a Difference in the Process

You know how the saying goes, people who can solve problems get paid the big bucks. Solving problems for clients or staff is gratifying. I love to organize and create systems. Once you learn a system, it makes life so much better, your not constantly reinventing the wheel.

  1. Stand Up for What You Believe In

Being an entrepreneur also gives you the chance to stand up for what you believe in. In times like these, standing up for your beliefs and making tough and uncomfortable decisions can make a massive positive difference. Join a group, write a blog or record a podcast, express yourself. There are so many ways to make your stand these days. Every little contribution helps spark change that shapes people’s lives.

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.“– Winston Churchill.

  1. Create Your Opportunities & Destiny

This is probably my number one reason for being an entrepreneur. You can choose the PEOPLE you work with and partner with. Being the boss, you also can create your opportunities by doing things like attending conventions, networking with like-minded people online, and much more. In doing this, you shape, almost carve out your destiny. When you work as a solo entrepreneur, it is good to have a circle of experts to advise and consult with as needed. In business, it IS about who you know. If you don’t know the answer, you know who to ask.

  1. Develop and Sell Products & Services You Love

I can honestly say that every product and service I’ve produced I’ve wholeheartedly believed in and thoroughly love. My passion is to help people to AVOID making the same mistakes I’ve made. If I can shorten someone’s learning curve, that is what makes me happy. Since I’ve helped hundreds of stressed-out, over-worked entrepreneurs find a better stress management method, it thrills me. There is something unique about brainstorming and finding the missing gap that will be a great solution to the world.

  1. Develop Long-Term Relationships With Clients And People of Similar Interests

Because doing business online requires regular connections, I tend to retain clients. When you provide a service that is geared toward your customer’s needs, they tend to remember you. It essentially makes you partners with your clients, helping them grow and be healthier, improve their lifestyle and be less stressed.

Others learn from me, and I learn from them. It’s a win-win endeavor

  1. Seek to Add Value

As for me, the BEST thing about being an entrepreneur after number five is the ability to change people’s lives. I never seek to become famous. I strive to Add Value. For me, I want to create something valuable, and not entertainment. My mission is to be an artist and a teacher, to make original contributions in personal development and health, wellness and lifestyle.

99% of my efforts are to attract and serve students-those who want to learn through books and online courses — people who are passionate about becoming their best selves and seeking self-mastery.

This is where I find satisfaction. There is much more opportunity to do this when you’re an entrepreneur — versus when you work for someone else!!!

  1. It Simplifies the Decision-Making Process

There is no board of directors and no stakeholder to report to. You have the flexibility to make decisions and take responsibility for the consequences of those choices. Does everything always work out perfectly? No, but it’s still much less frustrating than waiting for others to make decisions. There’s nothing stagnant about being an entrepreneur. There are always new opportunities to explore, new ideas to dream and implement. It’s a new adventure each day.

  1. I Have Job Security

As the boss, I’m pretty sure I won’t get fired! On a serious note, I am much harder on myself than any boss would be. When you are responsible for so many people’s lives, it drives you to be your best. When I’m not working, I almost feel guilty!

I love what I do so much that it doesn’t seem like work. Time flies by, and life is more optimistic and satisfying. You can choose the relationships of those you want to work with.

So, there you have it — my reasons behind loving what I do, why I do it, and what it means to be an entrepreneur. This type of list will undoubtedly be slightly different for everyone, but I believe many reasons will remain the same.

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