5 Sneaky Reasons You Sabotage Your Self-Care

You Make Excuses

There’s always a reason for not getting something done. Especially true when you sabotage your self-care. You say you don’t have time to exercise or don’t have the money to eat right. You become so good at making excuses that you don’t need to try at all. So, how do you stop it?

You Sabotage Your Self-Care When You Choose the Wrong Companions

Not everyone is on a journey to better health. Hanging around with people who are opposed to your goals is a sure way you sabotage your self-care. What’s worse is when your friends say things about your efforts. At the worst levels, the people around us become abusive; they hurt your health mentally and physically. People like these need to be avoided at all costs.

You Sabotage Your Self-Care When You Worry What Other People Will Think

Are you afraid of looking foolish? One of the most common reasons people avoid going to the gym is that they worry others will make fun of them. You are looking outside of yourself to fill something only you can fill. No amount of approval from an outside source will ever make you feel whole. You’re filled once, but you will need it again and again. It is an addictive cycle that turns you away from yourself. The only way past this? Focus on you and not on what others think. Don’t wait for someone else’s permission to be amazing. Stand in your own power.

You Feel Like You Won’t Be Good Enough

Sometimes it’s hard to get started because you feel like you’re going to fail right away. You know you’re going to go off the diet. You want to begin an exercise plan, but you think you will be clumsy. When your expectations are too high for yourself, it’s very easy to defeat positive self-care efforts before you even begin. The cure is setting better, more realistic goals.

You Don’t Think You Deserve It

Why should you get to spend time on yourself? Too often, you start thinking you are selfish if you spend time or money on yourself. You believe pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion will lead to a bigger reward. But is this realistic? To prevent burnout and keep stress from taking over, you need to take time for yourself. Besides, taking breaks will help you refocus, especially when solving complicated problems. But since when is taking care of you a bad thing?



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