Has it ever crossed your mind that you secretly want to sabotage your self-care? How are you feeling right now? Are you happy with where you are physically and emotionally? Would you be considered healthy by your doctor?

These are essential questions. As much as you have good intentions regarding your health, it’s not as though you want to be unhealthy, but subconsciously there might be something holding you back from becoming the healthiest and happiest versions of yourself.

Here are some of the top tactics you use to sabotage your self-care:

You Make Excuses

There’s always a reason for not getting something…

Have You Ever Thought About Self-Care As A Way to Relieve Stress?

Sometimes, life seems to be overwhelming.. One day rolls into the next and the next. In our fast-paced world, there is rare space for introspection and calm. Our self-care seems out of reach for a way to relieve stress, and I’m included in that thought.

If you need a way to detach from the chaos around you, you must take a moment to find peace from within. Can you take a few minutes to do this simple read; it may be life-changing.

What does self-care mean? The official definition of self-care is “the practice of taking an active role in…

Does it seem like some days you spend most of your life in your car? When it’s lunch time do you find yourself running through a drive trough? Then do you regret that you are not eating healthy? Well, I get it, it is hard to eat healthy on the go.

Whether you’re always traveling to and from work, running your kids from baseball practice to dance class and beyond, or going on vacation — it can difficult to make good food choices.

We all know that the ideal situation would be sitting down to enjoy your meals (and snacks)…

A lot of our suffering, emotionally and mentally, stems from how we talk to and about ourselves. Professionals refer to this as negative self-talk. But before we can determine whether our self-talk is negative, let’s discuss what negative self-talk is.

What is Negative Self-Talk

We all have habits — both physical and otherwise. Our physical habits might include nervously playing with our hair, brushing our teeth when we wake up, and again before we go to bed, and making coffee in the morning.

Our mental habits include the way we speak to and about ourselves. Also better known as self-talk. It may be negative…

Is Your Inner Critic Destroying Your Success?

Are you limiting your performance because of negative self-talk? How does my self-talk restrict me? If it’s that important, how can you change your negative talk to positive self-talk? I’ll tell you how I learned some answers to those questions.

My birthday comes at the end of the year, so I was eligible to go to kindergarten when I was four years old. My mom was a stay at home mom at this time of my life, and I had no other siblings or cousins. So, I was not used to playing with other kids. You might even say I…

Is Your Mind Always At War With Your Heart?

Does it seem like every day is a battle? Why is there so much discord, unrest, and uncertainty in us and in our world? We are dealing with so much depression, unhappiness, and discontent. What are we doing that allows inner peace to elude us?

When we are unhappy or angry then we project that to others. We tend to also blame everyone around us, it’s their fault that I am unhappy. The real reason is that without inner peace there can be no outer peace. Without peace in our home, there will never be true peace in the world.

Ask yourself, are you living your best life? For many of us, the answer to that question would likely be no.

Most of us can find at least one area of our lives, if not more, that could improve your quality of life.

So, what can we change to make our life better TODAY?

How do we go about making changes? And, better yet, what are the specific changes we need to make to do so? Outlined here are five things to help us make progress towards the life we truly desire to live.

Improve Your Quality of Life with Positive Thinking

You know that saying; “you are…

Do you often speak words of encouragement to yourself? If you said no, you are in the majority, most of us do not. The statistics say that seventy percent of what we think is negative.

Have you ever thought about the fact that any change we want in our life must start in our minds? Also, did you realize change begins on the inside, not the outside of us? So, to become more positive, start with your thoughts, not your feelings or your behavior.

Shad Helmstetter, author of “What To Say When You Talk to Yourself says, “Whatever “thoughts” you…

How Do I know If I’m Self-Sabotaging Myself?

Why am I stuck in this mindset that is dragging me down? How does this destructive programming get created in the first place? Is it possible to stop self-sabotage from defeating you?

It starts from the thousands of messages we have heard repeated over and over as we grew up. These messages are what shaped our programming. These messages lead many of us to develop a sense of inadequacy. Making us feel “not good enough.” This learned mindset puts an immense amount of pressure on us to act a certain way.

After years of focusing externally, we’ve learned to look…

Why You Need To Improve Your Attitude

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference” ~ Winston Churchill

Why does that matter? It matters because our attitude affects more areas of our lives than we realize. Our outlooks, behaviors, responses, and decisions are among several areas of our lives impacted by our attitudes.

Wow, let’s face it- many things in our life are out of our control. Often, this can leave us spinning and dealing with many negative emotions. Let’s look at how we can improve your attitude that will have a great impact on your life.

A positive attitude can even impact our mental…


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